How it works

How Flow Marketplace Works

Flow Marketplace is an online freelance marketplace, acting as a simple, easy-to-use platform to hire freelancers. Flow brings together companies and experts, streamlining the process of acquiring additional help for growing businesses who need an extra pair of hands.Freelancers are referred to as experts, and can list their services via their own profile which can then be purchased by companies. A broad range of freelance services can be advertised and purchased on Flow Marketplace, covering many aspects of digital marketing, ecommerce management and website development. Companies are free to browse the freelance services on offer, discuss projects with freelancers directly and make an expert an offer if they have a specific project requiring a more bespoke approach.

Signing up to Flow Marketplace

We’ve made sure that joining Flow Marketplace is a straightforward process for both experts and entrepreneurs. Signing up is completely free, but experts will need to verify their identity in order to begin accepting freelance work with Flow. This is a necessary step in order to ensure protection for buyers and offer some additional peace of mind.


Create your Flow Marketplace account

To sign up and start hiring freelancers, hit the ‘Sign Up’ button then fill out the required details. You’ll be asked if you’re a company or freelancer – be sure to select ‘company’ so you end up with the right account type.


Find an expert

Find the right fit for your business by searching for experts. You can filter your search by industry, specialisation, skills and location to make it easier to connect with the expert who gets your brand.


Buy their service(s)

Found the right freelancer? Great – it’s time to get your project moving. There are three ways you can buy freelance services on Flow Marketplace. Experts will list their services on their profiles – hit the ‘Buy Now’ button to proceed with the service you require. You’ll then be required to fill out payment details. If the services listed don’t quite meet your needs, you can use the ‘Make Offer’ button to discuss a custom order, or you can post a job to the ‘Projects’ section of the marketplace, and freelancers can then send you proposals to review.


Let the work begin

Your expert should then complete the project within the agreed timeframe. You can keep track of your ongoing and past projects via the ‘Manage Projects’ section of your dashboard.


Review your experience

Once your project is finished and you are satisfied, you can mark it as complete. You are able to review the expert via their Flow Marketplace profile.

How to become a freelancer

We’ve made sure that managing your freelance projects is simple, giving you a platform to be your own boss.


Become a Flow Marketplace expert

To start building and growing businesses, create your Flow Marketplace expert account. When creating your Flow Marketplace account as a freelancer, you need to check the ‘Expert’ option when signing up. Once you’ve completed the sign up process you’ll have access to your Flow Marketplace dashboard, from which you can manage projects, send and receive messages, post your services and more.


Verify your identity

Before you can start accepting or pitching for projects, you need to verify your identity by submitting a clear photograph of your passport or driving license. Once a member of our team has verified your identity, you’ll be notified and restrictions will be lifted from your account.


Update your profile

You can begin updating your Flow Marketplace profile at any time. To ensure the best chance of being hired, we advise you to spend some time making sure your profile contains all of the information a company would need to know before choosing to hire you. This is your chance to showcase your work and skills. Your profile should include your experience to date, qualifications and a portfolio of previous work, which can be added via the ‘Manage Portfolios’ section of your dashboard menu.


Post your services

Once your identity has been verified, it’s time to start posting services. Services are what companies buy from you, for example monthly AdWords management, copywriting or graphic design.


Start working

Got your first gig? Congrats! You can manage all of your projects, past and present, in the ‘Manage Projects’ section of your user area. Here you can communicate with buyers and keep them up to date on the progress of their project. Once finished, the buyer will be required to mark the project as complete and can leave a review which will appear on your Flow Marketplace profile.


Payments are taken immediately after a buyer purchases a service and held by Flow Marketplace. Once a project has been reviewed by the client and they are satisfied, they can mark it as complete. Funds will then be released to the seller.

Need a helping hand?

Contact a member of our customer support team via the ‘Help & Support’ section of your dashboard, where you’ll also find answers to some commonly asked questions.