Flow Marketplace provides a platform for companies and freelancers to connect.

UK based and developed by ecommerce entrepreneurs who’ve worked across the globe, Flow Marketplace is designed to give companies access to a network of freelance marketing, design and ecommerce professionals all over the world in just a few clicks.

They sell, you grow.

Inspired by the ecommerce boom, the Flow Marketplace team spotted a gap in the market for an online freelancing platform that suits the needs of all businesses, big and small, but particularly startups in the early stages of building their brand. It can be difficult to grow a business with a small team and low budget – you need an extra pair of hands without being tied down to costly retainers and iron-clad contracts. This is where the Flow Marketplace can benefit you  – you’re in control of how often you hire help, how much work they do for you and who you work with.

Be your own boss.

Flow Marketplace benefits freelancers as much as it does companies. Whether you’re already a full-time freelancer looking for another avenue to acquire clients, or are just starting out and trying to build up your portfolio, Flow Marketplace offers a user-friendly platform that makes managing your freelance projects easy. Pick up work as and when you want – our freelance job marketplace offers flexibility, allowing you to run your own business with nothing but your laptop and WiFi. Build your own personal brand whilst you build theirs – it’s a win-win situation.

Our sister brands.

You may have heard of our sister brand, Flow. You may also be wondering what the difference is between the two companies. Flow is a freelance consultancy platform where businesses can hire fully vetted experts serving the ecommerce vertical. Whilst experts must apply to work with the Flow consultancy platform and will be selected based on their credentials, Flow Marketplace allows freelancers of any experience level to join, cutting out the middleman and speeding up the whole process. Which platform you choose really depends on your business needs and your own confidence in selecting the right people to work with.

If you’re a bigger, more established ecommerce business, freelancing may not be for you. We’d therefore recommend our partnering agency, Venture Stream, as you’re guaranteed access to a dedicated team working to set deadlines every month.